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FFL Transfers

You're here because you have purchased a firearm through GunBroker or someone else or you have sold a firearm and need it transferred.  Either way, not a problem...

You want us to ship your firearm to another dealer (FFL):

Have your local FFL vendor email us a signed copy of their FFL to  We will package the firearm and ship it to your FFL vendor, and forward the tracking number to you.  The costs of this service is $30 plus packaging and shipping.

You have purchased a firearm and need a transfer to you:

Have the shipping FFL send an email requesting a copy of our license to  Ensure they also include your name for reference.  Please verify that your contact information is correct with the seller and it is provided in the shipment. Please note, we will NOT accept shipments from a Non-FFL licensee.  After receiving their request, we will send them a signed copy of our license to facilitate the transfer. The cost of this service is $30.00 for a standard firearm.  The mandatory $10 TICS background check fee is included.

Be advised, we are not responsible for any accessories shipped with the firearm. Please have the dealer ship those directly to the customer if there are any concerns.
Please note: All transfers can take 2 business days from receipt, Monday-Friday. Shipments are opened and processed as a first come in, first opened sequence. Receiving tracking notification that your package has arrived does not imply that it has been processed, you will be contacted as soon as it is ready for pickup.

That's it!  Quick, easy, and painless.

Firearms Transfer Policy

  • All FFL Requests must be made by a valid FFL license holder
  • Per our company’s policy, we require that the transferring FFL must make contact requesting our FFL prior to shipping any firearms.
  • No FFL will be provided to a private individual for personal firearm transfers.
  • When transferring firearms please include a copy of your FFL along with an invoice.
  • The invoice should include customer information (name, phone number, order #) and firearm information (make, model, serial number and purchase date)
  • Valid Drivers License is required.
  • Transfer only on "Proceed" result from TICS.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any unauthorized or preapproved shipment.

If you have any questions, please call or email us at or Contact Us here.

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